Unhealthy information from Sweden’s fur farms however just right information for chickens

Remaining yr 12 out of 54 mink fur farms have been inspected in Sweden to ascertain a degree in their welfare. 11 have reported to violate a number of welfare standards, starting from critical wound damages to a loss of water provides. Some of the farms with maximum shortcomings used to be about to be be qualified for WelFur, the fur trade’s animal care label.

The general public wishes to grasp what is taking place at the farms. The collection of shortcomings in 2019 displays a scientific error in fur farming trade, which ends up in an larger chance of deficient prerequisites for animals, without reference to a ‘welfare certificates’.

Anna Harenius, skilled ethologist at Djurens Rätt

On a just right observe, 12 years since their first marketing campaign for cage-free eggs, Djurens Rätt has in 2019 witnessed an larger improve from municipalities in public procurements. A survey has proven that Nine out of 10 municipalities in Sweden now decide out of shopping for eggs from caged hens. Even if the quantity reduced from 40% to 9% prior to now 12 years there are nonetheless round 750,000 hens stored in cages in Sweden. 

For hens to not survive a floor smaller than an A4 sheet, not able to even stretch their wings, is the least we will be able to ask for! It’s worthwhile to see increasingly more municipalities opting out of shopping for eggs from caged hens and appearing the best way ahead.

Camilla Bergvall, Affiliate chair at Djurens Rätt