Why the French are ‘Ecu champions’ at leaving behind pets

Between 100,000 and 200,000 pets are deserted in France every yr, with 60% of those incidents going on over the summer season.

By means of comparability, the RSPCA animal charity advised the BBC that the determine is with reference to 16,000 in the United Kingdom.

In the newest hard-hitting promoting marketing campaign, the French are described because the “Ecu champions for deserted pets”. As though to emphasize the purpose, the soundtrack to the video is Queen’s rock anthem We’re the Champions.

However does this type of attraction paintings? It sort of feels no longer.

A parliamentary file in June printed that every yr homeowners flip their pets unfastened in ever larger numbers. So why is the determine nonetheless emerging and what does it say in regards to the French usually?

“Pets are more and more observed as an impulse purchase,” says Marina Chaillaud, a vet close to Bordeaux who has studied the social dating between the French and their pets. Ms Chaillaud has a number of explanations for this phenomenon.